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We see every child as being competent and unique in his/her own way of learning. We believe children are active learners of their own knowledge and motivated explorers of their own world. Luther Preschool is devoted to nurture all children as an individual in their own unique way to enhance their potential in learning and growth. The Luther Preschool Management Committee aims to make children’s learning enriching and enjoying, and firmly believes in nurturing the infinite minds of children through both stimulating and fun-filled activities.

Our academic programmes not only educate our students with new content knowledge but also seek to nurture our students to be creative thinkers and life-long learners. We have a strong focus on the concept of “Learn through Play” which we believe that it will bring out the full potential of our students in every aspect of their lives in line with the six different domains of our curriculum approach.

To be in line with the MOE refresh curriculum on iTEACH programme. Luther Preschool new curriculum approach consists of the following six domains.

  • Language and Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Discovery of the World
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Social and Emotional development

To facilitate a creative and appropriate developmental child’s learning, Luther Preschool has set to provide a conducive learning environment. With our trained and experienced teachers, their innovative teaching methods include the cultivation of creative thinking, encouraging participation through inquiry while reinforcing constructive play. We believe that we will be able to maximize the children’s potential to be observant, responsible and dynamic. Thus, we believe that each child who goes through Luther Preschool will find his/her learning experience fruitful and enriching.

Programmes that are incorporated into the curriculum

With your child’s developmental needs in mind, our programme will help to promote his/her interests in exploring and have fun in learning:

  • Phonics
    To teach alphabetic letters’ sounds in a fun and multi-sensory way
  • Growing with Maths
    To build strong foundations in mathematical concepts
  • EdnoLand Technology Literacy
    To stimulate cognitive development and enhance creativity through the use of information technology
  • Music and Movement
    To nurture musical ability with expressive bodily movement
  • Field Trips
    To reinforce classroom concepts and ideas in real life
  • Outdoor and Gardening Projects
    To create environmental awareness and develop your child’s sense of wonder and joy of discovery

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