Enrichment Programmes

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We have selected some Enrichment Programmes to be conducted in the afternoon.

High Definition Literacy (HDL)
High Definition Literacy highly defines the development of literacy skills with the integration of Technology and The Balanced Literacy Programme as the core of the programme’s framework.

The curriculum acknowledges the high-effectiveness of Technology in supporting children with diverse learning needs and styles. In HD Literacy, we utilise digital platforms such as E-readers, Reading Apps, Search Engines, etc. Our ultimate aim is to develop our children to become linguistically, socially and culturally “rich” and to be innovative thinkers of the 21st Century.

Speech and Drama Class
Helen O’Grady Drama Singapore started in 1997 and they have been offering this international Speech & Drama programme to 50 schools.

The aim of the Helen O’Grady Drama System is to involve children in a highly stimulating and creative theatre arts programme designed to develop :

  • Enthusiasm and a Positive Approach to life
  • Ongoing Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Effective Social Interaction

Abacus Mental Arithmetic
Abacus mental arithmetic is a life-long skill. The training process guards the children and enhances their ability to do calculation independently without the aid of instruments such as a calculator. This learned skill will enable the children to calculate with speed and accuracy using their mental power. When the children have learned to use the abacus, they will be taught to visualize the abacus’s beads in their heads, as if they were operating the physical abacus.

“Hanyu Pinyin”
The Chinese “Hanyu Pinyin ” subject is a compulsory course designated by the Ministry of Education for all Primary Students taking the Chinese Language. This course is specially designed to help students have a head start in this module when they begin lessons.

The course, which follows Ministry of Education’s syllabus, will focus on introducing Hanyu Pinyin to the students through pictures, rhymes, and poems. It aims to facilitate student’s learning of Hanyu Pinyin, expand their knowledge of Chinese characters, as well as improve reading and pronunciation capabilities. This course will result in more effective learning for the students.pay for essay

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