General Info & Fees

General Info
Level Age Group
Pre-Nursery Class  3 years old
Nursery Class 4 years old
Kindergarten One Class  5 years old
Kindergarten Two Class  6 years old

School Hours
1st session : 8.00 am to 12.00 pm
2nd session : 11.30 am to 3.30 pm

School Terms
Each Term consists of 10 weeks. There are four terms in each academic year with in-between term breaks.

School Holidays For 2016
Semester 1
Term 1 Saturday 11 March – Sunday 19 March
Term 2 Saturday 27 May – Sunday 25 June

Semester 2
Term 3 Saturday 2 September – Sunday 10 September
Term 4 Saturday 18 November – Thursday 31 December

Scheduled School Holidays For 2017                                                        

New Year Day* – 1 January
Holiday in lieu of New Year Day – 2 January

Chinese New Year – 28 January to 31 January

Good Friday Holiday * – 14 April
Easter Monday Schedule Holiday – 17 April

Labour Day – 1 May

Vesak Day – 10 May

Hari Raya Pusa *  – 25 June
Holiday in lieu of Hari Rya Pusa – 26 June

Youth Day *  – 2 July
Holiday in lieu of Youth Day – 3 July

Racial Harmony – 21 July

QLCK Sunday *  – 30 July
Holiday in lieu of QLCK Sunday – 31 July

National Day *  – 9 August
Holiday in lieu of National Day – 10 August

Teacher’s Day Holiday – 31 August

Hari Raya Haji Holiday – 1 September

Children’s Day Holiday – 6 October

Deepavali Holiday – 18 October

Graduation Ceremony cum Concert *  – 28 October
Holiday in lieu of Graduation Ceremony cum Concert – 30 October

Christmas Day Holiday – 25 December
* The following Monday will be a scheduled school holiday

School Fees
Level Fees per Term
• Pre-Nursery $970.00
• Nursery $790.00
• K1 $770.00
• K2 $770.00

  • Others
    • Computer-Aided Education Programme $90.00 per term
    • Uniform $25.00 per set (2 sets recommended)
    • PE attire $20.00 per set (2 sets recommended
    • School bag $10.00 (compulsory)
    • Stationary and Worksheet Booklets $100.00 (Pre-Nursery)
    • Stationary and Worksheet Booklets $150.00 (Nursery to K2)
    • Registration fee $100.00 (non-refundable)
    • Deposit of $300.00, refundable upon one term withdrawal notice

Forms To Download

Standard Chartered CDA Form

DBS Bank CDA Form

UOB Bank CDA Form

Registration Is Now Open
Please bring along photocopies of your child’s Birth Certificate, Immunisation records, both Parents’ Identification Cards, the Registration Fee and Deposit.

For Non-Singaporeans, please bring along your child’s passport and travel pass.

For enquiry, please call 6475 7458 or email to contact our principal for more information.

Contact Us
Phone: 6475 7458
Address: 709 Commonwealth Drive Singapore 149601.

7 thoughts on “General Info & Fees”

  1. 4 years old girl .stays around Indus road
    School fee can be subsidy by government?

    Low income family is it alright to apply for a place in the Christian kindergarten?

    Please reply thank you


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  3. My son is 4 years old! Is there seat available in the class for him now
    And sorry please let me know that he can be at the school for the whole day (fr 08h00 to 15h30)
    And $790 is the fee for 1 or 2 session?
    Thanh you!

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