QLC Kindergarten

We see every child as being competent and unique in his/her own way of learning. We believe children are active learners of their own knowledge and motivated explorers of their own world. Queenstown Lutheran Church Kindergarten (QLCK) is devoted to nurture all children as an individual in their own unique way to enhance their potential in learning and growth. The QLCK Management Committee aims to make children’s learning enriching and enjoying, and firmly believes in nurturing the infinite minds of children through both stimulating and fun-filled activities.

Our academic programmes not only educate our students with new content knowledge but also seek to nurture our students to be creative thinkers and life-long learners. We have a strong focus on the concept of “Learn through Play” which we believe that it will bring out the full potential of our students in every aspect of their lives in line with the six different domains of our curriculum approach.

To be in line with the MOE refresh curriculum on iTEACH programme. QLCK’s new curriculum approach consists of the following six domains.
• Language and Literacy
• Numeracy
• Aesthetics and Creative Expression
• Discovery of the World
• Motor Skills Development
• Social and Emotional development

To facilitate a creative and appropriate developmental child’s learning, QLCK has set to provide a conducive learning environment. With our trained and experienced teachers, their innovative teaching methods include the cultivation of creative thinking, encouraging participation through inquiry while reinforcing constructive play. We believe that we will be able to maximize the children’s potential to be observant, responsible and dynamic. Thus, we believe that each child who goes through Queenstown Lutheran Church Kindergarten will find his/her learning experience fruitful and enriching.

Programmes that are incorporated into the curriculum
With your child’s developmental needs in mind, our programme will help to promote his/her interests in exploring and have fun in learning:

• Jolly Phonics
To teach alphabetic letters’ sounds in a fun and multi-sensory way
• Growing with Maths
To build strong foundations in mathematical concepts
• Computer-Aided Education
To stimulate cognitive development and enhance creativity through the use of information
• Music and Movement
To nurture musical ability with expressive bodily movement
• Field Trips
To reinforce classroom concepts and ideas in real life
• Outdoor and Gardening Projects
To create environmental awareness and develop your child’s sense of wonder and joy of discovery

Journey of Our Daily Activities Video
• Term 1 to Term 4

Creative & Enrichment Programmes
The Kindergarten has selected 2 Enrichment Programmes to be conducted after school hours.

1. High Definition Literacy (HDL)
High Definition Literacy highly defines the development of literacy skills with the integration of Technology and The Balanced Literacy Programme as the core of the programme’s framework.
The curriculum acknowledges the high-effectiveness of Technology in supporting children with diverse learning needs and styles. In HD Literacy, we utilise digital platforms such as E-readers, Reading Apps, Search Engines, etc. Our ultimate aim is to develop our children to become linguistically, socially and culturally “rich” and to be innovative thinkers of the 21st Century.

2. Speech and Drama Class
Helen O’Grady Drama Singapore started in 1997 and we have been offering this international Speech & Drama programme to 50 schools.
The aim of the Helen O’Grady Drama System is to involve our children (3 – 17 years) in a highly stimulating and creative theatre arts programme designed to develop :
• Enthusiasm and a Positive Approach to life
• Ongoing Confidence
• Self Esteem
• Verbal Communication Skills
• Effective Social Interaction

  • Calendar of Events
    • CNY Celebration – 27 January
    • Term 1 Excursion – 10 March
    • QLCK Open House – 28 April
    • Mothers’ Day Celebration – 12 May
    • Term 2 Excursion – 24 May
    • Parent Teacher Conference – 25 and 26 May
    • Summer Holiday Camp – 1 – 3 June
    • Racial Harmony – 21 July
    • QLCK Special Sunday – 30 July
    • National Day – 8  August
    • Term 3 Excursion – 29 August
    • Teachers’ Day Celebration – 30 August
    • QLCK Open House – 22 September
    • Children’s Day Celebration – 5 October
    • Graduation Ceremony cum Concert – 28 October
    • Term 4 Excursion – 14 November
    • Prince and Princess Party – 15 November
    • Parent Teacher Conference -16 and 17 November

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School Terms & Fees

Registration Is Now Open
Please bring along photocopies of your child’s Birth Certificate, both Parents’ Identification Cards, the Registration Fee and Deposit.

For enquiry, please call 6475 7458 or email principal@qlc.org.sg.

Parent’s Corner – What the parents say…

“The school taken an all rounded holistic approach in a young child’s education. My son Wang Zhi Elisha has shown notable improvement in his interaction with people and is more confident of expressing himself.”
– Ms He Juan, Mother of Elisha Wang Zhi & Ezekiel Wang Xian

“As a parent of two energetic kids, Queenstown Lutheran Church Kindergarten helped us greatly in forming our kid’s foundation for Primary Education. Our eldest, now at Primary 2, developed his reading and spelling skills way beyond our expectations. Now our youngest is in K1 and like his brother, is full of enthusiasm to learn and enjoy the school’s kid-friendly environment. We thank all the teachers for imparting skills and values for our sons.”
– Mr Pagorogon Emmanuel Carpio, Parent of Jan Manual Pagorogon & Januel Rei De Guzman

“Both my boys have been with the school since Pre-Nursery. They enjoy school very much, often coming home excited to relate their learning and activities. The school has done well in cultivating the joy of learning, imparting social skills and providing hands-on experience, including involving the children in class projects. I particularly appreciate the teachers who are caring and patient and have established close bonds with the children.”
– Mdm Lim Ai Ling, Parent of Ethan and Ephraim Wang

QLC Sunday School:-
“The Sunday school is way for children – to connect with others and together grow in our knowledge and love of God by worshipping, learning, serving, praying and playing together. Our main purpose is to build a God-centric ministry that will aid in the Christian development of children through enjoyable learning experiences, and introducing them to God’s word and the love of Jesus Christ.
Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

Sunday School Events

  • Sunday School Easter
  • Love the Earth
  • Zoom Park
  • Sunday School Children Party

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