Guidelines for Slides for Communion Songs and Praises

  1. All Song Leaders are to prepare on their own, the PowerPoint slides, necessary for the worship service and do a self-check to ensure that the lyrics and the order is correct.
  2. Font size should be no less than 36pt.
  3. Ensure that words and background have good contrast and are easily readable.
  4. Slides for songs should continue in a fwd manner with the flow of the song. Choruses for songs should be duplicated where necessary rather than singing the same slide several times.
  5. Provide indicators for no of pages for each song e.g. by using symbols or numbers.
  6. Keep size of graphics used, small.
  7. If you are using Office 2007, kindly save the file as 97-2003 version as the Office 2007 file extension  ‘.pptx’  is not able to be used on the church multimedia computer. File type to be used should be .ppt.
  8. Please refrain from using fancy transitions and fonts in Office 2007, as these may not be retained when saved in a lower version.


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