Guidelines for Slides for Communion Songs and Praises

    1. All Song Leaders are to prepare on their own, the PowerPoint slides,A�necessary for the worship service and do a self-check to ensure that theA�lyrics and the order is correct.
    2. Font size should be no less than 36pt.
    3. Ensure that words and background have good contrast and are easilyA�readable.
    4. Slides for songs should continue in a fwd manner with the flow of theA�song. Choruses for songs should be duplicated where necessary ratherA�than singing the same slide several times.
    5. Provide indicators for no of pages for each song e.g. by using symbolsA�or numbers.
    6. Keep size of graphics used, small.
    7. If you are using Office 2007, kindly save the file as 97-2003 version asA�the Office 2007 file extensionA� a�?.pptxa��A� is not able to be used on the churchA�multimedia computer. File type to be used should be .ppt.
    8. Please refrain from using fancy transitions and fonts in Office 2007, asA�these may not be retained when saved in a lower version.

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