Acolyte Training

  1. Why do we use candles in the church?

The candles were the only light in the tabernacle, which symbolized theA�dwelling of God with His people.A� The candles symbolize the presence of God (Exodus 27:20-21; Leviticus 24:1-4).A� They also symbolize the light of Goda��s Word.A� The left candle (facing the altar) is the Gospel Candle.A� The right candle is the Epistle Candle. This candle is lit first, andA�extinguished last.

  1. Why do we ask people to serve as Acolytes?

The term a�?Acolytea�? means a�?attendant.a�? In the early church, these attendantsA�often carried letters and gifts on behalf of church leaders.A� Later, they took on theA�duty of being candlebearers in worship services.A� We also notice that it was one ofA�the duties of the Levites in the tabernacle, to attend to the candles, and keep themA�burning.A� Today we ask Acolytes to attend to the duty of lighting the candles inA�Goda��s house (the church).A� It is also a good way to involve the children in theA�worship service.

  1. How do I light the candle before Service?

a�� Light the candles using the candlelighter.

a�� Make sure there is enough waxed candlewick in the candlelighter in theA�Vestry.

a�� Push out about 2 cm. of wick from the tip of the candlelighter, and use aA�match or a lighter to light the wick.

a�� Make sure that you ask your mom or dad to help you.

a�� Walk out slowly from the Vestry, and try to keep the flame from beingA�blown out by the air-con.A� If it is blown out, quickly ask your mom or dad toA�help you light it up again.A� Be sure not to touch the flame.

a�� When you reach the foot of the Altar, at the door of the Altar rail, standA�facing the Altar, with your back facing the pews.

a�� Bow your head, and quietly say a little prayer like this: a�?Dear God, let your light shine in the Service, and in our lives each day.A� In Jesusa�� name I pray.A� Amen.a�?

a�� Step up to the Altar, and light the candle nearer the Pulpit first (the candle toA�your left).A� Then pull the candlelighter back towards you first, beforeA�continuing to light the candle to your right.A� This should be in one smoothA�motion.

a�� After lighting both candles, bow your heads in honour of God, and then stepA�backwards down the Altar steps.A� Keep your eyes open, and head bowed, soA�that you can see the steps, and not trip and fall.

a�� Then walk slowly back to the Vestry, and place the candlelighter there.

  1. What do I wear?

Wear the white Acolyte robe by looping it over your clothes.A� Wear proper shoes, and not slippers or sandals.A� You will also wear this robe when youA�extinguish the candles.

  1. What time do I light the candles?

Light the candles just before 8.45 a.m. and gather for prayer with Pastor. AfterA�that you may go for your Sunday School Childrena��s Worship.A� So arrive in churchA�by 8.30 a.m. to get ready.

  1. How do I extinguish the candles?

You extinguish the candles by using the candlelighter as well.

a�� Put on your robe and stand ready in the Narthex just before the closingA�hymn begins.A� Make sure that the candlelighter is in hand, and the wick is extended to around 2 cm.

a�� Begin walking up from the Narthex towards the Altar via the center aisleA�once the congregation begins singing the closing hymn. Please be sureA�that mom or dad is around to help with the timing.

a�� When you reach the Altar, bow your head once to honour the Lord, beforeA�stepping up to the Altar.

a�� Step up to the Altar and extinguish the candle to your right first with theA�a�?bella�� end of the candlelighter.

a�� Then light up the candlelighter wick with the flame from the candle onA�your left.

a�� Next, extinguish the candles on your left by covering the flame with theA�a�?bella�? end of the candlelighter.

a�� After the candles are extinguished, bow your head to honour the Lord, andA�then step backwards down the Altar steps.A� Keep your head bowed, but eyesA�open to watch your steps.

a�� Remain in front of the Altar, and face the Altar.A� Wait for the Pastor and the Liturgist to join you in front of the Altar.

a�� Process out down the aisle to the Parish Hall together with the Pastor andA�Liturgist.A� The Acolyte goes first, but wait for the Pastora��s cue beforeA�moving out.A� Hold the candlelighter high, with the flame facing away fromA�you.A� Note: This action symbolizes that we are to go out to be lights of the world as Jesus called us to be.

a�� Extinguish the flame on the candlelighter once you reach the back of theA�Parish Hall.

a�� Then proceed back to the Vestry to replace the candlelighter and the robeA�into the wardrobe with a hanger. Do not leave the robe outside the wardrobe.

  1. What time do I come up to get ready to extinguish the candles?

Come up at 10.15 a.m.A� Please ask mom or dad to remember to call you. A�TheyA�can also go down to call you earlier if the service is going to end earlier.A� OnceA�they have received Holy Communion (or during the Prayers of the Church, if thereA�is no Holy Communion), they can go down to the Sunday School to call you.

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