Acolyte Procedures


    1. Flame of the candlelighter always points forward.
    2. Walk from vestry to the centre and foot of the altar.
    3. Bow and say a (suggested) short prayer. Dear God, let your light shine in our service and in our lives each day, In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen
    4. Walk up the steps,A� light the LEFT candle first (the one nearer to pulpit)
    5. Light the RIGHT candle next.
    6. Bow head, and step backward.
    7. Extinguish the flame.
    8. Walk smartly to the vestry.


    1. Candlelighter pointing forward.
    2. At the start of the closing hymn, begin walking from the Narthex towards the Altar.
  1. On reaching the altar,A� bow your head and walk up the step, standing in the front theA�altar.
  2. EXTINGUISH the candle RIGHT.
  3. LIGHT up the candlelighter wick from LEFT candle.
  4. EXTINGUISH the LEFT candle.
  5. With the flame pointing forward, bow head, and step backward.
  6. When Pastor and Liturgist are beside you, turn and move slowly to the Narthex.

To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ And Serve The Community