Social Ministry

Social Ministry

Our Story

In year 2000, our Sunday School children organized the Agape Carnival and raised more than $4,000, which was donated to the Queenstown Care Corner. For the purpose of the Carnival, Pastor & a team of Sunday School teachers met up with Mr. Wilson Mack of Care Corner for the first time. We began to be aware of the needs in the community. Moreover, there were cases among our congregation who were facing financial difficulties. Members, out of love, raised funds to help them over the difficult times.

The leaders of the church initiated this ministry with the desire to serve others. The theme for the Church Retreat 2001, “Blessed Lives, Serving Hands” served as good reminders to the congregation to serve, not just the Social Ministry but to serve God. It was also a timely reminder to open us to the serve the needy in the community and among us.

In May 2001, Pastor & leaders of church invited members to sign up for this ministry. Six came forward and they were Sebastian Tiong, Madelene Shen, Sarah Lee, Irene Teo, Julia Then & Lynda Lim. As this was a new ministry, much work has to be put in to set the ball rolling. By October 2001, some basic structure, policies and ideas were put in place and we launched the ministry in November 2001.

Our Mission

We seek to establish a network of practical support for individuals and families in need, so as to affirm each persona��s value and potential.

Our Organizational Structure

The Social Ministry is structured as follows:

Social Ministry Organizational Structure

Our Training & Support

The Social Ministry will arrange & provide training, conducted by QFSC (Queenstown Family Service Centre), to members & active volunteers. Periodically, the Committee Members may be sent for related Workshops & Training Programmes conducted by various institutions approved by church. Annually, the Chairman will organize a time of gathering of members and active volunteers & their immediate families as appreciation of their effort, feedback on their cases, “unwinding” & to support one another.

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