Property Ministry

Queenstown Lutheran Church was constructed more than 40 years ago. Since then, our church building has aged. Occasionally we will hear of sliding doors giving way, air-con & sound system breaking down, and sink leaking/choking, etc It is indeed a challenge to upkeep our church to ensure that it is fit and suitable for ministries needs.

We seek to ensure that the church building is well kept, maintained, improved and/or expanded, if necessary, to meet the ever-changing ministries needs.

Committee Structure
As the church membership expands and with corresponding expansion in ministries, there will come a stage that we will also need to expand the structure and recruit more experienced members. Members are from both the English and Chinese ministries. This provides a sense of ownership and also an avenue for the Chinese ministry to provide their feedback. EM and CM can then discuss and agree on project that is being undertaken.

To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ And Serve The Community