Financial Subsidy and Other Notes

1. Financial Subsidy Guidelines

Adults (inclusive of Salaried Missionaries / Salaried full-time Christian workers / Salaried Pastors)

  • 1st timer – Up to a maximum of S$250
  • 2nd timer onwards – No subsidy

Non-Salaried Missionaries / Non-Salaried Full-time Christians Workers / Non-Salaried Pastors

  • Up to a maximum of 80% of published cost per person for the Mission Trip
  • On official duty assigned by QLC/LCS Mission Board/Council – Full subsidy

Students (Age 11 and above) and NS Men

  • 1st timer – S$250
  • 2nd timer – S$100
  • 3rd timer onwards – No subsidy

No subsidy for Children below 10 years old

Note : Applicable for QLC/LCS’s organized mission trips; and for QLC members only.

Applicant must apply to QLC Mission Board in writing and to state reason for need of subsidy at least one month prior to the trip’s departure date. Failure to do so may disqualify applicant for subsidy. All applications are subject to Mission Board’s approval. Applicant shall pay first if his /her application was not approved before the trip’s payment due date. He/she shall then seek reimbursement from Mission Board if his/her application for subsidy was subsequently approved.

Subsidy ranges from 0% to the stated stated maximum percentage. Mission Board reserves the right to evaluate and determine the subsidy percentage.

Age is determined by the birth year. For example, if the child was born in Yr 1999, the child will be considered 10 years old in Yr 2009 regardless of birth month.

Application for financial subsidy shall be considered across Category. If you have been granted one time subsidy under the Student category, when you apply for subsidy under NS Men, your application will be considered 2nd timer.

Click here for essential notes regarding financial subsidy.


2. Strictly No fund raising within QLC and from QLC members.


3. Letter of Certification. If you require a Church letter to certify that you are one of the participants on the mission trip, please approach the Mission Board.


4. On returning from the trip, the team shall give the congregation a presentation of the mission trip.


5. For good stewardship, all trip booking will be on a “2-to-go” basis, as such booking will give a better deal. This will mean upon confirmation of trip booking by the Mission Trip’s leader/Mission Board, the following will take immediate effect:

  • No refund
  • Non- transferable (no change of name)
  • Any cancellation or non appearance of participant for check-in at Airport Counter will attract addition cost from the participant who initiated the cancellation (Initiator) or non-appearance. The following are the potential addition cost payable by the participant who initiated the cancellation:

The difference in cost payable by the co-party for the trip could amount to 80% of the total trip cost. For eg, if the trip cost is $650/person, the Initiator in addition to the full trip cost he/she has paid, will have to pay the co-party’s additional cost of $520. This is the Industry Trade Condition imposed for “2-to-go” booking. The co-party must pay the additional cost to the agent whom we have booked the trip with before he/she is allowed to board the


6. Approved Applicant must attend at least 80% of the Mission Trip’s Training Program. Failure to do so may subject the approved applicant being rejected to continue with the Mission Trip. In the event the applicant is rejected, all actual costs incurred as of the date of rejection by the appointed Mission Trip Leader will be fully borne by the applicant.


7. Cancellation of QLC/LCS Mission Trips. In the event a mission trip is cancelled at the decision of QLC/LCS for whatsoever reasons, all actual costs incurred as at the time of cancellation shall be borne equally by QLC and participant.

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