Discipling Ministry

QLC aims to achieve life-to-life transformation in Christ through the discipling process:

>> Believers >> Followers >> Disciples >> Disciplers

During the process, we incrementally equip members with Knowledge, Skill, Character, and Vision as they move through from Believers to eventually becoming Disciplers.

To be engaged in the discipling process, you need to be in a  discipling group to be mentored and guided in discipleship.

The characteristics of a mentoring group:

    • It is gender-specific.
    • It consists of 3 to 5 peoples, including a leader.
    • It is committed to doing QT daily using a group material.
    • It is committed to meet weekly to share QT and accountability to one another.

To register a discipling group, please contact Helena Fong today.

To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ And Serve The Community