What is Alpha?


Alpha is a friendly and fun way to explore the Christian faith. It is conducted over 10 weeks with a weekend away on the sixth week. It covers practical topics about Christianity.


Alpha starts with an Intro Dinner event with the video, “Is there more to life than this?” At this intro event guests get to preview a typical Alpha session and sign up for the course.

The rest of the topics are covered over the subsequent 10 weeks after the Intro Dinner event:

Week 1: Who is Jesus?
Week 2: Why did Jesus die?
Week 3: How can I have faith?
Week 4: Why & how should I pray?
Week 5: Why & how should I read the Bible?
Week 6: How does God guide us?

Alpha Retreat
– Who is the Holy Spirit?
– What does the Holy Spirit do?
– How can I be filled with the Spirit?
– How can I make the most of the rest of my life?

Week 7: How can I resist evil?
Week 8: Does God Heal Today?
Week 9: Why & how should I tell others?
Week 10: What about the Church?


A typical weekly session starts with a meal, followed icebreaker and songs. After that, there will be a 30-min video followed by small group discussion.

At the small groups, guests can ask any question they want about Christianity.

A typical evening Alpha session is as follows:

7:00-7:45 pm Dinner
7:45-8:10 pm Welcome & Songs
8:10-8:45 pm Video
8:45-9:30 pm Small Group Discussion


The Alpha Intro Dinner gives guests an opportunity to preview the Alpha Course and to register for the course:

  • Date: 2 August 2018 (Thurs)
  • Time: 7:00-9:30 pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Venue: Queenstown Lutheran Church
  • Address: 709 Commonwealth Drive Singapore 149601


Our next course details are as follows:

  • Start Date: 16 August 2018 (for 10 weekly Thurs evenings)
  • Time: 7:00-9:45 pm.
  • Cost: Free
  • Venue: Queenstown Lutheran Church


  • Curious (Just about anyone): To explore the meaning of life
  • Seekers: To find a relationship with God
  • New Christians: To grow in the faith
  • Long-time Christians: To renew faith
  • Anyone: To meet new friends
To register call alpha team at the Queenstown Lutheran Church office (Tel: 6473 7866) or email to helenafoong@qlc.org.sg

To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ And Serve The Community